NAAC  Accredited  Institute
Dr.Annie Wood Besant
Core Values Objectives




• To develop social values like love, compassion, tolerance and justice.


• To inculcate discipline and human values among the students.


• To create knowledge skills and application.


• To provide special values like self-respect, self-discipline, contentment reduction of wants freedom from greedy.


•  To build up competitive spirit and to provide value based education.




To provide a learning environment that inculcate responsibility, and socially acceptable behavior which respects the dignity of all Human beings.




To uphold the highest ethical standards in all practices of life having strong moral principles - both at the personal and at the institutional level.


Quality Education


To provide educational programs that lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills hat is necessary for career selection and advancement, personal enrichment, acquiring leadership qualities and providing service to the community.




The college recognizes the expertise of all members by encouraging and giving mutual respect and sincere gratitude to all.