NAAC  Accredited  Institute
Dr.Annie Wood Besant
Library & Laboratories

Our College being the oldest in this part of Andhra Pradesh can boast of spacious and well stacked Library and well equipped Laboratories for the following Subjects : Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Horticulture, Bio-technology, Computer Science & Statistics.

General Library is housed in Dr. Cousins Block

The College Library has on stock about 1,00,000 books on various subjects and bound periodicals. Some rare and out of print books and journals are also available. There are separate wings for P.G., U.G., and Computer Science Courses.

The popularity and utility of any Institution gowith its library. Our college library is one of the oldest and the best in our university area. Some rare volumes on literature, philosophy and religion are available. Every year we add books to the library with the assistance of U.G.C and the fund given by the Management. Every year around 1500 to 2000 books are added to the Library . Over 65 Periodicals and 11 news papers are available in the library reading room.

General library caters to the information needs of the students, teaching, non-teaching staff and research scholars of the College. About 100 outside readers are registered as members of the library.

The activities of the different sections of the library during the period everyday, month, year are given below.

Every day about one thousand readers visit the library and number of books are issued to different categories of users. Every year about 2000 books are added to the existing collection to enhance the total stock of the library collection to one lakh documents. Library has subscribed to about 65 Indian periodicals and journals and 5 foreign journals devoted to different subject fields.

Visit of Commissions:

Every month one commission visits the General Library of the College. Invariably every commission has appreciated the following Newly opened Sections:

1) Competitive Examinations cell.

2) Career guidance cell.

Ms. K. Kusuma Kumari M.A., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., is the Librarian who is helpful and very co-operative. She has improved the functioning of the library. Computerization of the books in the Library using SOUL Software developed by INFLIBNET will be taken up soon.

Rules :

1) The Library will be kept open throughout the academic year except on Sundays and Public Holidays.

2) The Library and the Reading Room are strictly meant for the members of the Staff and students of the College on rolls.

3) P.G. Students can borrow four books at a time for a duration of fortnight with renewal facility.

4) Four tickets for each degree I & II year students and six tickets for III year student and three tickets for each Intermediate student will be given for borrowing books from the Library.

5) If the due date for return of books falls on a holiday the books have to be returned on the next working day.

6) Members of the teaching staff are generally permitted to borrow up to 20 books.

7) Members of the staff return books borrowed on the last working day of the academic year to facilitate stock verification of the library books.

8) If any additional rules are framed from time to time they will be displayed on the Notice Board of the Library.

Reference Section :

Reference Section has a number of very valuable Encyclopedia, Year Books, Books on General Interest, Reference Books on Science and Technology, World Mythology, Management, Reference Books on all branches of Knowledge etc.,


Over 65 periodicals and 11 News papers are available in the Reading Room, They are fruitfully used by the students after making necessary entries in the Register maintained for the purpose. No periodical shall be taken out of the Reading Room without the express permission of the Librarian. There is a proposal to extend the Reading room to the first floor of the Library building.


Again thanks to the Grant of Rs. 5.20 sanctioned by the University Grants Commission we could construct staircase room and Central Hall on the first floor of the General Library of our College. This has proved to be of much help to the staff and students.

Book Bank and Text Book Library :

Over 7,000 standard Text Books and Reference Books in English and Telugu have been acquired for the Book Bank and the Text Book Library started with U.G.C. Grants. These books are meant for lending Text Books to the poor and deserving students of the College for long term use. P.G. wing has on stock about 3000 books.

We have added books and journals worth Rs. 6 lakh both to the General Library and Computer and Bio-Sciences Library of our College. Latest Reference books and Text books have been added to the General Library thanks to the munificent grant of the University Grants Commission under various schemes.

Computer Labs :

Our Computer Laboratories need Special mention as this is the era of Information Technology.

We are very proud to state that we have Computer Systems with latest configurations to our Computer Labs. This facilitated our College conducting English Computer Based University Examinations conducted by the Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati for the First and Second year students numbering around 1200 of our College

We are providing computer courses with centralized air-conditioned labs. For Demonstration purpose we provide state of the art technology L.C.D. projector and well experienced Instructors. We provide fulltime Internet facility to our students.

We have Three Separate Labs, Two for Post Graduate Students and one for Under Graduate Students. Providing every 40 computers with LAN facility.