NAAC  Accredited  Institute
Dr.Annie Wood Besant

The College was founded on the 19th July, 1915 through the pioneering efforts of Dr.Annie Wood Besant and the noble band of Theosophical workers who came under her inspiration especially her paternal uncle Prof. Ernest Wood. It was originally named as Woods National College.The event will always be remembered as a land mark in the history of Rayalaseema as the College was at that time, the only institution to cater to the needs of higher education in this region. It also brought the people of the area into closer contact with international programs for the propagation of culture and spiritual ideals of the Theosophical Society and also the National movement for political liberation under the inspiration of Dr.Annie Besant. After the demise of Dr.Annie Besant it was named as Besant Theosophical College as a mark of gratitude to this great soul. It was originally managed by the Theosophical Educational Trust which later renamed as Besant Centenary Trust.

History of  the College